About the Maker


Shortly after starting violin lessons, Jonathon’s grandfather queued up a Stéphane Grappelli record and said, “If you are going to play violin, you need to hear this!” Instantly, Jonathan was hooked on the instrument. The life long obsession with the instrument and music in general was further nurtured as a vocational music student at Detroit’s CASS Technical High School, graduating in 1996. Through high school, Jon worked at a local violin shop. This is where the thought of violin making as career took seed. Even after high school, Jon had a couple of jobs that foreshadowed his future path including a position at a furniture store doing assembly and finish work. However, one of the most influential work experiences proved to be at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan, where he met violin maker Brian Bishop. Brian with his natural teaching skills had encouraged and helped Jon make his very first violin.

In 2002 Jonathon moved to Presque Isle, Wisconsin to study with master maker Brian Derber at the New World School of Violin Making (former instructor at Chicago School of Violin Making). Along with emphasis on tool making, maintenance, and use, Mr. Derber, focused on form and the history of violin making. Jon graduated violin making school in 2005.

Since graduating in 2005, Jonathon has moved back to the Detroit area to work at a prominent shop in the midwest. During the next 12 years, he had been diligent in honing his skills in repair, restoration, and setup on violins, violas, cellos. Additionally, he had the wonderful opportunity to see some fine antique instruments by famous makers as well as meet some prominent contemporary makers from around the world. During his tenure at the shop, Jon had been making and selling violins internationally to accomplished students and prominent professionals.

Jon recently left his position as full time workshop manager in 2017. His experience and devotion to further mastering his craft led him to open his own shop to better serve customers and develop strong relationships with the musicians. To offer prompt, reliable, and reasonable services as well as having more time to make instruments.

In addition to being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Jonathon enjoys a rich and full life with his talented wife raising their four beautiful children. When not in the shop, he enjoys gardening, hiking with his children, and volunteering at the school.

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